How To Create A FREE Blog On Blogspot in 2020 (step-by-step)

Today, I will show how you can create a good and profitable blog on Blogspot.

In this article, You will find a step-by-step guide to start your own blog or several blogs.

Creating your own blog is a great thing and fun, you can also share your experience and knowledge, also earn a decent amount of money.

Read all the guidlines carefully that i have collate for you,

Are you finally to start the blog you’ve been thinking about for years? I’ll walk you through how to start the blog and how to get up and running quickly.

What is Blog Anway?

In short, A blog is like a web-based diary that is regularly updated by an individual or group of individuals. Each update on it is called a post. In popular culture, we most often hear about news blogs or celebrity blog sites, but as you’ll see in this guide, you can start a successful blog on just about any topic imaginable.

The posts can also be based on a particular topic or a variety of topics depending on the niche of the blog. The latest posts on it appear first, i.e., they appear in reverse chronological order.

Pros and Cons of Blogspot


  • Its easier to use when compared to other blogging programs like WordPress, etc.
  • Almost free, free templates, and more.
  • can be easily integrated with any other Google products.
  • Lots of option for customization
  • Faster indexing – Blogspot posts show up in Google search results within 24 hours.


  • Blogspot offers a limited amount of options for plugins and themes.
  • you can’t remove Date and .html from permalink.
  • You will easily lose your traffic if you don’t keep your blog update.

Blogging Topics

Most of the people already have their own topic or vision of what they want to blog about, but I know that most people don’t know what to choose.

Here’s a list of broad topics to get you thinking:

  • Recipes
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • History
  • Jokes and Humor
  • Myths
  • Celebrities
  • Personal Stories
  • Music
  • Charity
  • Activism
  • Educational
  • Gaming
  • Family
  • Travel experiences
  • Products or service reviews
  • Beginner’s guides to anything!
  • Overcoming adversity or illness
  • Life experiences

Pick one which you like to start with. No matter if you don’t like the topic you can also learn from that.

With any blog topic, your choice may easily spread into other areas of interest. Don’t feel that the initial topic of the blog will pigeon hole you for life.

Let’s start With quick guide

Steps to create a blog on Blogger or Blogspot

1. Go to

you will be greeted with a beautiful landing page which prompts you to create a free blog.

Create blog

2. Fill out the Title section with your choose topic and click on the Next button.

Title section with your choose topic

3. Fill out the Address section and click on the finish button. The address is the domain or link of your blog.

Address section or your domain name

Choose A Theme For Your Blog

A Good theme represents the quality of your blog and a good and user-friendly theme helps your blog growth.

1. Click on the Theme menu item on the left side menu list.

Theme button

2. Then choose the theme of your choice from the many available options. You can preview it before applying.

Different types of theme

Make Sure Blog is Visible to Search Engines

This setting assures that your blog is publicly published and anyone can visit your blog.

1. Under the Settings menu item, in permission section

 Visible to Search Engines

2. Click on Reader access and choose public option

 Reader access public

Pick A Logo For Your Blog

A Logo will defines your blog, its also a identity for your blog

you can go to the layout option and select “edit” link in the header box.

It prompts you various options to set a logo, choose a custom image to upload the one you have designed.

1. Click on the Layout menu item on the left side.

Header logo in layout section in blogspot

2. In the Header section, click on the edit

Header section in blogspot

3. For the Header image, you can either choose a file from your computer or insert the image URL.

Logo for your blog

4. Save the changes you made.

Save button

Optimizing Your Blogger Blog

After you successfully create your blog, now it’s time to optimize it for more search engine visibility for fast ranking in google and a better user experience.

You can access it on the left hand-side panel in your blog.

setting section in blogger

1. Adding a good descrition to your blog

By adding a description to your blog helps readers and search engines know what your blog is about. You can set it by selecting the basic settings option under the main “settings panel”.

description to your blog

Wrapping Up

So finally, Your blog is ready and you can start publishing your content.

Experience in blogging, later with the time you can also earn a decent amount of money for financial freedom.

After this, you can also migrate your blog to WordPress for more control over your blog and maximize its potential.

If this guide helps you in creating your blog so please share this with your friends.


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